Layup Services

TOS through our owned subsidiary EO Layup Services (EOLS) is fully licensed to provide warm, hot and cold layup services in Labuan.

The Services we provide include:

  • Providing a safe, secure and restricted anchorage location at the Brunei Bay,away from typhoon affected areas and piracy and owners of ships/rigs to be laidup are assured our clients will have a peace of mind.
  • Our range of services to protect, layup and reactivate vessels. These include riskassessment, a safe mooring, a layup plan, dehumidification of space, 24/7 watchmen, routine tasks and maintenance, reporting and record keeping, provision of equipmentincluding generators, permitted workboats, cargo boat, landing craft, warehouse facilities, crew repatriation, garbage disposal, ships/rigs daily operation, supplying of fresh water,bunkers and a full reactivation service.
  • Periodic inspections (daily, weekly, monthly) of the laid up vessel consisting of visualinspection, testing, turning, periodic operation. These visits ensure the continued preservation of the machineries according to standard and OEM recommendations. All actions are recordedin a monthly report.
  • Recommended corrective actions are reported for further decisions/actions.
  • Reactivation phase and commissioning of the selected machineries.
  • Layup log book and equipment conditions are checked. The duration and the extend of thereactivation job highly depends on the layup conditions and the proper deactivation.
  • Necessary repairs are listed and carried out if required. Class society is involved.

Reduced transportation demand have become a major concern in marine industry. The layingup of ships is one option available to ship owners to meet these challenges. The proper management of deactivation and reactivation of the vessel machinery, and proper care during the layup, is a key to ensure the multimillion asset to kept operational.

We offers expert services for the layup of ships, packaged into tailor made and comprehensive layup agreements. We has the expertise for ship machineries and assures ship owners that the job is carried out with care.

For further details contact:

Jonathan Aplansius
Base Manager
E O Lay Up Services Sdn Bhd.
T: +6087 442 378 / F:+6087 581 378
Mobile: +60198700878

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